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Our Life's Work in Print and Design

Experience, Expertise and Strong Work Ethics

  • 25 years experience in the field of graphic design and desktop publishing as well as website design since 1997.

  • Skills necessary to effectively and economically organize and layout the information given by the customer into a website that conveys the organization's vision and criteria.

  • Unique and innovative designs.

  • Fully versed in the internet, website development software, scanning, and publishing on the internet.

  • Attend classes and seminars to stay current on the latest website trends and technologies.

  • Excellent grammar and proofing skills.

Your business can present itself to the world with a custom website created by InSites.

Your creatively designed and visually attractive site could include:

  • An attractive homepage that provides a pleasing introduction to your business and a simple navigation tool for users to browse with.

  • A company history showing experience and expertise in your field.

  • A display of your products, services, equipment, etc. for all browsers to see and learn about.

  • A link to your company E-mail system and a list of contacts by phone or fax.

  • Links to other special websites of interest to complement your product or service.

After contacting InSites about your requirements, we will coordinate the complete design and uploading of your new website. If you are currently not online, we can help with that too.

Information will be compiled from existing brochures, pictures of product, people, or services that you provide, and contacts we establish with your business. We can also visit your business to discuss your goals and take digital images of your product or service for use in the website.

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