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The Learning Center is dedicated to providing academic assistance primarily to Community Christian School students whose families choose these services as a part of SES (Student Educational Support)*.  Secondarily, students within the community at large may seek to utilize the services of The Learning Center*. The Learning Center provides remedial and accelerated instruction for students in content subjects as well as study skills and other academic assistance. *There is an additional charge for these services.

Steps Toward Enrollment for TLC Services Q/A:

Schedule Your Pre-Service Testing
Typically, our initial work with each student involves a parent and teacher questionnaire that is followed by diagnostic testing. In order to assess client strengths and weaknesses, plan the most appropriate program; provide an objective basis for comparison during and after educational services, an educational evaluation is a prerequisite for entrance into TLC Programs. (A $25.00 deposit is required to hold the testing time and is applied to the testing fee.) A written report and a consultation to discuss the results are included in our educational assessment.

Meet with TLC Staff to Review Assessment 
We use the data gathered from these tests to tailor an individual learning program for each client. Parents and guardians are then informed of the resulting plans through a conference. During the conferences, test results, and an initial individual instruction plan, with suggested time recommendations are offered.

Establish Tutoring Times
Time recommendations will be offered at the assessment review conference. While we cannot guarantee student success, research has shown that intensive bombardment of the brain produces more rapid change. If an intensive program is not possible or considered necessary, TLC will work with the family and tutor to develop an appropriate schedule. (A minimum of (2) two sessions per week are recommended as a baseline.)

Enroll in The Learning Center
If you are ready to enroll after completing the previous steps, you'll need to complete the following:

  • The TLC Handbook
  • TLC Application  
  • Financial Agreements 
  • Emergency Authorization Form
  • Medical Form
  • Student Release/Transportation Form





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“My family has sent all four of our children to CCS over the past 12 years and we would not trade our time at CCS for anything.  Our 40 minute commute from Oxford has been worth the drive.   We have seen our children not just survive in their secular high school, but thrive. All our children have adjusted academically to high school. Each one has excelled in honors and AP classes. We highly recommend CCS for any family who desires a Christian education with rigorous academic training.”